Mission and Values

Mission and Values

Xenerqi's Mission
To help reduce the energy consumed in our everyday lives

Our Core Values & Principles
We’re a global, multi-cultural and diverse company and we embrace new and great ideas.  We strive to build lasting, inclusive relationships with our Employees, Customers, Suppliers, and Shareholders.  We hold an unwavering respect for our colleagues.

Even when no one is looking, we do the right thing
Our integrity, trust and reputation are directly proportional to our long term success.  We do not compromise or jeopardize our honor for any circumstance.
Why not?
We constructively and respectfully challenge the status quo with child-like curiosity.  We are never satisfied with good or even great.  We live to make it better.

We can ... do it right, do it once and do it today
Optimism is contagious and we can do it.  We take pride in our detailed accuracy.  We possess a sense of urgency, why put off till tomorrow what you can do today.  We strive to do it right, do it once and do it today.

Embrace the entrepreneur in all of us
We culture an entrepreneurial spirit. We are passionate about dreaming, learning and our respective accomplishments. We are passionate about winning. We inspire this spirit in our customers, employees, partners and others. 
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