XenerQi’s affiliate 7,500 square meter manufacturing facility has been ISO9001:2000 certified since the year 2004. We embrace the documentation and improvement guidelines set forth by ISO and truly incorporate those into our day to day operation.

Our quality design, manufacturing and inspection system has allowed us to develop product capable of passing the strictest safety, endurance and emission tests. We regularly work with the UL, ETL, CSA, CE and SGS testing centers to ensure our products remain at the forefront of the safety requirements worldwide.

ErP Compliance
XenerQi Limited always tries to ensure to the best of our knowledge all materials and/or parts furnished have been manufactured and tested in accordance to the applicable instructions/specifications, are ROHS compliant, defect-free, and meet all stated and implied specifications in the datasheet of the given XenerQi product. Per customer requests, a CoC document can be issued for any specific product shipment at the time of shipment. For inquires on requesting this document please contact your sales person at XenerQi or contact compliance@xenerqi.com

ROHS compliance (Click for Data Sheet)
As part of its environmental initiatives, all XenerQi limited products are designed and manufactured so that they meet ROHS Directive 2011/65/EU – ROHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) of the European Parliament; 2006/122/EC – PFOS (PerFluoroOctane Sulfonates); and 2015/863/EU. All products will include an ROHS marking in the actual product, unless the product label is too small to include it and in that case all references will be done in the product datasheet.

Warranty Document for all XenerQi Products (Click Here)

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